Re Purchase – La Mer Radiant Concealer

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I first picked up the Creme De La Mer Radiant concealer back in 2012. I hadn’t intended on buying something quite so lavish, but the creamy and not too liquidy texture and the way it blended in seamlessly had me sold. I first used it the morning after a particularly late night and wasn’t surprised to see how it lightened and brightened my under eyes in such a way that it faked a 9pm bed time. I used it solidly for two years (that’s how long it took to hit pan and eventually run out) and then I thought I’d try other brands. After all, it is £48.00, which is incredibly steep for a concealer. I tried countless other brands, and recently settled on the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and repurchased it twice,  however, the stuff runs out quicker than my morning cup of coffee, and the overly runny texture had me slightly annoyed – too much blending needed. So over the weekend I marched to my nearest La Mer counter and parted ways with a huge amount of moola (luckily I had a special discount due to the store that it was in – so yay). I used it for the first time yesterday and my first thoughts were “how on earth have I left it so long to re-purchase?!”. My under eyes were bright and clear, any bags were totally concealed and in their place was a  luminous brightness. The stuff is magic, you could use it on blemishes if you were in a pinch, but I think it’s too special for spots. This stuff is for under eye magic. For spots and blemishes I still swear by the Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer!



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