New Makeup Set Up

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Moving house brings with it a lot of stress but also a lot of excitement. One of the most exciting parts of moving for me was moving to a place with bigger windows and more light. I still have my old dressing table, but now it’s mainly used for looking pretty and storage, instead I choose to do my makeup at the dining table and my makeup hasĀ never looked better. I kid you not.

I picked up a little mirror from Muji that stands up on its own and propped it up in front of a chair of my new dining table and instead of bringing a big makeup bag that I’d have to rifle through I put my current favourite products into a Missguided shoe box – it’s easily transportable from my bedroom to the living room and I can instantly find what I’m looking for. Sitting in front of unobstructed day light has meant that my makeup is literally perfect – well as perfect as a non professional makeup artist with non perfect skin can be. My base is seamlessly blended down to my neck (no orange stripes), concealer is artfully applied exactly where needed instead of just being smeared on and I can actually perfect a good smokey eye without looking like a panda, and my overlined lips are subtly plump without veering into Kylie Jenner territory. If your current bathroom/dressing table set up lighting isn’t hitting the spot I highly recommend going for a scout around your flat/house for the perfect spot of light, buy a Muji mirror and stick your favourite makeup in a shoe box – not the most glamorous but seriously effective!



  1. Laura
    May 18, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    Hi! Can you link the mirror? Thanks!!

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