Chanel CC Cream – The Lowdown



This Chanel CC cream and I have had a weird relationship, it started with me lusting after it after Amelia wouldn’t stop singing its praises, and then followed on to me trying it and really disliking how greasy it felt and my initial reaction was that it was too orange for my skin tone too (I’m shade beige 40) and then it moved on to me giving it a second go, powdering my t-zone and receiving a ton of skin complements and we’ve now reached a happy and comfortable place where I slap it on for days when I’m doing lots of walking and outdoorsy activities (fun fact, I actually go on a fair amount of bike rides near where my family live at least once a week) as it boasts SPF 50.

It doesn’t glide on smoothly, it feels quite thick to apply and requires a bit of muscle, but once it’s on, it’s on. I suggest lightly dusting with a powder if you’re oily like me, if not you should be fine. It covers all my acne scarring with minimal need for more concealer and makes me look well rested and awake, the orange hue that initially scared me settles down as it melds into the skin and leaves me with a non greasy glow. I’ve been alternating this with my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, Tarte gets whipped out for days in meetings and events, and Chanel on those more carefree glowy days when I don’t want to be totally matte. My base wardrobe is coming along nicely and I have another addition to talk to you about next week…it’s for super sensitive and acne prone skins – stay tuned!



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