New In Wish List


It feels like a long time since I sat down to write a post. I still have my motherhood bonanza post to publish but I’m just not quite ready to set it live yet – I think I still feel so protective of my newborn and early days that laying it bare just makes me feel a little bit nervous. Anywho – I digress. The reason I’m back on here is to share my current wish list of new in items. I typically post on instagram stories every week with a long list of items that are new to hit my favourite retailers with swipe up links but I’m aware after 24 hours they disappear and I get so many messages asking for the links again so I thought going forward it makes sense to post the list on here too. I’ve also linked similar items to the one in my outfit above! Happy shopping and let me know if you pick anything up! The first list below is jeans/jackets/tops and the second list is full of more Summer-y items and dresses!



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