NARS Sheer Glow- Sheer Love



Ok so my skin has been less than perfect over the last few months, and when skin doesn’t feel right it means that makeup just doesn’t go on right either. So, whilst my skin has been improving (post in the works on all the details) I’ve also been on the hunt for a new foundation that covers up my (now nearly entirely gone) blemish scars as well as giving my skin a moisture boost and applying evenly. My old foundations and tinted moisturiser are either too drying or too light coverage. Well, welcome NARS Sheer Glow- it’s sheer love (cheesy? Ok a tad cheesy). But seriously, this stuff applies so smoothly, and leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated all day without disappearing into thin air (like my other foundations have been doing recently). It’s medium coverage that can be built up to full and it doesn’t cake at all. My only two complaints are 1) it makes my t-zone slightly oilier than other foundations, so a good mattifying powder is needed dusted lightly on top and 2) the packaging sucks. Seriously. You have to buy the pump separately, and once you’ve put the pump on the lid no longer fits! But those two issues aside, I’m pretty sure that I’ve found the foundation equivalent of ‘the one’. Oh, also did I mention that it doesn’t have any added SPF? This makes it perfect for photographs as you wont get that ghoulish flashback that results in a whited out face. Dreamy.

I’m the yellow toned medium shade Stromboli FYI…

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