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Happy new year! The first 24 hours of 2017 were a teeny bit rocky for me (terrible stomach ache whilst out celebrating NYE and nausea – attributed to being on neurofen and Night Nurse for a week whilst being poorly and then over eating, much better now phew) followed by a total lack of sleep and feeling like a zombie on both new years day and bank holiday Monday but as of Tuesday last week – the first official day “back” after the festive break I felt ready to take on the year and have been full of a lease of life. Expect blog posts three times a week and videos twice weekly from now on!

But anyway back to the main point of the post – Glossier! My good friend moved to NYC three years ago which was very sad but also very happy because now when he comes to visit I can order my US shopping to his apartment for him to bring home to me muahaha (one time though I accidentally put the wrong apartment number down on an order and chaos ensued woops). This time around it was Glossier’s turn, the brand for cool girls. Glossier’s marketing is next level, they’ve done a phenomenal job with their branding, ensuring that any girl who wants to feel undone, chic, French, rock’n’roll but also polished and well glossy will be buying into the brand which was devised by Emily Weiss who also started Into The Gloss (aka the only site/blog which I’ve been reading daily since 2011 – ditto Man Repller). Anywho I ordered the cult Boy Brow in black and the Generation G lipstick in Cake.

The Boy Brow is everything I wanted and more – seriously it’s like eyebrow crack, I was worried about shade matching but so glad I went with black as the product only imparts a small amount of product but a lot of oomph, imagine it as a backcombing dry texturising spray for your brows!! It plumps up the hairs and leaves brows looking seriously cool and not at all like you’re wearing anything on them – this literally will change your brow genetics. The lipstick is a little more underwhelming, when I ordered it I was still firmly in my “nudes only” lip phase, however since then I’ve been rocking berries and reds a la Jeanne Damas almost daily. However Cake is a darker hued nude and looks uber chic, the sheer matte texture is unique and leaves you looking more like you’re wearing a stain than a heavy lipstick. I think Crush and Zip are next on my to buy list (sorry Alexis, more deliveries coming soon!). All in all the products didn’t disappoint, you pay for the product and not fancy packaging as it’s pretty basic (which I actually find quite refreshing).

All in I’d say my first foray into the world of Glossier has been positive and I’m excited to try more!

Have you tried anything from the brand?

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  1. January 9, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    aw being sick early in the year is so awful. I also had the flu the first week of the new year which really wasn’t the nicest. Glossier looks so cool I love that lip colour but I live in Canada so I’ll have to see how I can get my hands on their products!

    The Fashionista Bubble

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