My latest Lipsession – Maybelline Colour Elixir

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So I first picked this up back in May whilst in New York perusing the aisles of Duane Reade. I’d heard about the Maybelline Colour Elixirs and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the shade ‘Celestial Coral’ – FYI this is not coral, it’s a cool toned pink that looks amazing for this time of year as an alternative to the usual berries and cherries. I wore it out and wasn’t wowed by it – in fact I took it off pretty much as soon as I put it on “just another gloss” I thought *yawn*. Fast forward to today when I picked this out of my lip drawer this morning as the colour matched a shade of my top and WOWZER. Yes – capitals. This is so much more than a gloss. It has the pigment of a stain (or a very pigmented lipstick at least), the baby softness and nourishment of a balm, with the sumptuous “did you just have your lips done?” of a gloss. It is an HG lip product, and one that I can’t quite believe that I discarded.

The poor quality selfie which I just speedily took in front of my laptop shows the colour after around 2 hours (I reapplied throughout the day). I’ve never known a gloss to stick around for anywhere near that long. Seeing as these bad boys have recently launched in the UK, you’ll find me in the aisles of Boots tomorrow picking up every singly other shade in the range!



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