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Being engaged to a tech entrepreneur has definitely changed me for the better in a number of ways. One way in particular, is constantly being alert and on the look out for ‘life hacks’. It got me thinking about health & beauty hacks, and how to save money and boost productivity. I’ve had this post in the pipeline for a while now and here’s my round up of the best:

Go shorter – It seems inconsequential, but it’s actually a pretty cool money saving beauty hack. When going to the hairdresser for your twice monthly trim go an inch shorter than usual with some extra shaping around the face. I went a little more extreme last time with my trim, and now five weeks later my hair still looks freshly cut, and still looks brilliant and shapely even after a rough dry. Going shorter may seem scary in the short run, but actually it equals healthy hair that lasts longer and needs trimming less regularly.

At home remedies – I love a good pamper as much as anyone, but the face mask I always used to turn to when my skin was extra oily and blemish-y around Summer finals cost me pennies. The egg white face mask is genius at bringing out the gunk from your pores and regulating oil production – ideal as the weather is finally getting warmer. Simply crack two eggs – carefully remove the yokes and whisk in a little bowl. Apply evenly all over your face and then pat on some tissue on top (you will look a little scary). Wait around 15 minutes and then peel each piece of tissue off and rinse with warm water. You will have glowing skin and pores will look smaller. You can also make a fab face mask with pure manuka honey as well, honey is a brilliant anti bacterial ingredient that will help acne sufferers.

Samples samples samples – Space NK are brilliant at giving free samples, so always ensure that you try before you buy. Sample sizes are generous too, ensuring that you’ll get around a weeks worth of use from a product, and sometimes the girls are really generous and will give you two or three of the same sample so you’ve got quite a supply. If the product doesn’t work for you (even if its a cult beauty blogger favourite!) then you haven’t waisted any money at all. And if it does work for you….

Loyalty Cards Loyalty cards are a pretty genius hack within themselves, how does anyone survive without a Boots card!?! The aforementioned Space NK purchases are made that little more palatable with an N Dulge points card that racks up your points which can result in eventual money off. I actually bought my Nude Cleansing oil solely on N Dulge points. I also find that for day to day living loyalty cards can be more than just a bunch of extra tat in your wallet, I go to the same place every morning for a coffee & croissant and I’ve now had quite a few totally free breakfasts because of my trusty card.

YouTube workouts – Want to get fit for Summer but don’t want to spend £££? Get your laptop out and clear some space in your living room. YouTube workouts are fantastic and totally free. My favourites are VSX Victoria’s Secret workout and obviously ballet beautiful.

The at home blow dry – Investments sometimes must be made for the greater good. And I personally can’t think of a better investment than Babyliss Big Hair. It’s like having a hair stylist living in your bedroom – fo’ realz. Big hair is foolproof to use and the effects last a good few days, I’ve even been into the hairdresser to make a colour appointment and had them ask me who just did my hair as it looked so professional!

If you enjoyed today’s post I’ll get to work on the next instalment!

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