Mila Kunis for Gemfields

On Thursday night I was invited to an event at the Philip De Pury gallery in Victoria hosted by Gemfields who source ethical gems, or in other words coloured stones. The event was to celebrate the collaboration Gemfields have made with British jewellery designers such as Dominic Jones and Stephen Webster to name but a few who have each made a piece of jewellery using Gemfields stones. Last month Mila Kunis was announced as the official ambassador, and the first collection has been made using emeralds- very fitting considering Kunis’ character in her latest box office hit ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ spends the majority of her time swanning around the Emerald City!

gemfields- mila kunis

gemfields emerald necklace

One of the pieces designed using Gemfields Emeralds. Above, Mila wearing the same necklace.

gemfields- key pendant

We’d initially been told that Mila was due to arrive at 7:15pm, and after plentiful milling around I was just starting to get sore feet and a blood sugar level dip when at 8:45pm  I caught a glimpse of a floppy haired handsome man with a very chiseled and familiar looking face…yes it was no other than Ashton Kutcher! As I went up to say hello…and perhaps get some male grooming tips for the blog, Mila took to the stage with the CEO of Gemfields. Nevertheless, Ashton was charming, polite and very friendly. Unfortunately, due to various reasons I couldn’t get a snap of Mila, but I will say that she was stunning in person- she was wearing an elegant suit, had her hair in a sleek and straight style with her signature smoky brown eye.

gemfields- ashton kutcher tijan

Me fangirling Ashton!

After having done a brief but informative module in African Political Studies last year, I am well aware of the horror and corruption behind a great deal diamond and gem mining so Gemfields and Mila are behind an excellent cause which more British and international jewellers should get fully behind.  The evening was absolutely lovely and I had a chance to catch up with some of the Stephen Webster team who I worked with on my gap year which is always a pleasure. Thank you very much Adoreum Partners and Gemfields for a star and emerald studded evening.

gemfields- ivan tijan

Ivan and I at the event- Ivan is wearing a Spencer Hart blazer and pocket square, I’m in a Miss Selfridge playsuit and Chanel handbag.





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