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It’s Sunday which means Chinese food, Russian homework, beauty storage organising, wardrobe organising and of course an obligatory face mask or two  in a bubble bath whilst I watch YouTube videos.

This week I’ve fallen back in love with an old favourite and discovered a new favourite to add to my mask wardrobe. The first being the Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Mask. I first tried this over three years ago when I first discovered Fresh Beauty, I loved the earthy smell of the mask, how the runny consistency sets almost immediately and how it does  an excellent job of drying out active blemishes, pulling out black heads and leaving skin feeling clear and refreshed without the usual tightness synonymous with clay masks. After being reintroduced last week at the new Fresh store in Covent Garden (thank you Estee for the invitation) I’ve also been applying it to treat spots over night, a small amount to the affected area does wonders at drying out any unsightly spots.

A new mask love (also courtesy of Fresh) is the Rose Face Mask which is unlike any other mask I’ve ever tried (and believe me when I say I’ve tried my fair share). It’s a gel consistency with actual rose petals in the mix, applying it it feels a little like marmalade, but once on it glides on to the skin like silk. It calms any redness/blemishes as well as adding a healthy dose of hydration and nourishment to skin. I like to do the clay first and then the rose one second to give my skin a real treat. I love that both masks feel indulgent but also holistic and organic without too many added chemicals and perfume.

What are your favourite masks to slap on on a cosy Sunday afternoon?



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