Living Proof Hair Primer- Review



We’ve had face primers, eyeshadow primers and even lip primers but now we have…hair primers! Last week I finally got my hands on a sample size of Living proof prime style extender. The US haircare brand is the first to bring out a hair primer (as far as I’m aware) that promises to extend your style for twice as long- amazing for hair tong addicts like myself. It also is supposed to keep your hair cleaner for longer by “repelling dirt and oil” and generally prime your hair and get it ready for styling.

All three things which I’m definitely interested in, my hair generally needs a good wash every other day and in between washes I get some oomph from V05 Plump Me Up dry shampoo. So to have a product that could save me a lot of time and hassle definitely caught my attention.

I took it for a test drive yesterday and noticed that my hair was sleeker, smoother and glossier straight away. A big thumbs up, however I woke up yesterday morning with my hair looking really no different to how it usually looks on the second day after a wash. My style wasn’t magically sealed in and by last night it was just as greasy as usual. So whist I like this product as a smoothing serum, it doesn’t have any other super cool qualities.

For £17 I think it’s a little on the pricey side for what it is, and I prefer either my usual Kerastase Elixir or v05 Smooth Me serum. But certainly fun to try out! I’m going to give it a few more whirls to see what I’m missing- maybe it will knock me off my feet next time?



Here’s a quick photobooth shot of my hair post Living proof blow dry.

Have any of you tried any of the Living Proof hair products?

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!




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