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My sister bought me Alexa Chung’s book ‘It’ for Christmas, I managed to devour the whole thing in under two hours on Boxing Day…Literary genius it is not, in fact the whole book reminded me of myself aged 15/16 desperately trying to appear achingly cool and avant garde. Despite my criticism I actually rather enjoyed the book and so have put together a few of my favourite of Alexa’s tips for today’s post.

1. Wearing moisturiser and concealer is way cooler than foundation or tinted moisturiser. Hydrate your skin and then go in with concealer where you need it, you’ll get a way more natural finish.

2. Red lipstick in airports looks impossibly ‘well put together’ and glamorous. Also, bring your own hand mirror on board with you so you don’t have to queue for the loo to do your in flight skincare.

3. Blow dry your hair with a round brush and then go in with a little salt spray and massage onto the roots to get a lived in “just rolled out of bed effect”. Similarly, apply kohl eyeliner on the waterline and then blink a few times to get a smudged slept in effect.

4. Having a gazillion leather biker jackets is okay. They are a classic that will never go out of style.

5. Exfoliate lips using vaseline and brown sugar and avoid fragranced lip balms as they cause lips to peel later in the day.

6. Wednesday Addams is the ultimate style icon.

Life changing words of wisdom they are not, but I actually picked up a few tips!


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