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As much as Christmas is about twinkling lights, shiny wrapping paper and red rosy cheeks, chances are you’re not really looking your best. Keeping your glow alive in Winter is hard, but keeping it over the festive period is near impossible. You’re up against a battle of carbs, alcohol, chocolate, Christmas shopping stress and not to mention the pure hell your skin goes through from freezing winds to overheated tube carriages. But it isn’t all doom and gloom! Here are a few of my favourite tips to keep you looking “Oh hey guys I’ve just got back from Bali and feel amazing” over the next few weeks.

1. Water is key, but not just the usual “chugging a few litres a day”. Instead, eat your water. Blueberries, cucumber, watermelon, celery and watercress are all fantastic sources of water which make perfect snacks (in between all of the quality street and roast potatoes that is).

2. Mini Facial, when the oiliness and dry patches rear their less than beautiful heads, tackle them head on. I personally love doing a clay based mask like Aesop Parsley Seed followed by something intensely nourishing like Origins Drink Up. Gorgeous skin will be yours come morning.

3. Detract from late nights by making your makeup super peachy and light reflective. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow for adding warmth and luminosity to dull skin. I once used this on my sallow complexion after a night of minimal sleep and it instantly made me look and feel less tired. Magic! A good nude lipstick is also key, I love Rimmel Moisture Renew.

4. When all else fails wear a sexy ass hat. Seriously. A good hat can hide greasy hair, forehead blemishes/shine and take away unwanted attention from tired eyes. It also adds instant filmstar glamour. Topshop do really good fedoras that will have you feeling like Rosie Huntington Whitely in no time!


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