John Frieda Luxurious Volume


A budget friendly, yummy smelling and incredibly effective haircare range that not only rids hair of product build up, grease and dirt but also imparts gorgeous volume? Yup- John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range does all of the above. My hair feels clean without being stripped or fuzzy (you know when you’re hair is overly clean and prone to flyaways?) and the hairspray keeps my tonged locks well locked into place for hours without being too sticky. I can’t rave about this range enough- if you’re after a clarifying shampoo that will rid your hair of any nastiness without stripping any colour whilst also actively zshoozshing (am I typing that right??) up your hair shaft and thus leaving you with more voluminous and nourished tresses (that aren’t in any way weighed down) then look no further. Head on down to boots (where we all know that hair care is more often than not on a special offer) and treat yourself and your hair. You wont regret it..

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