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newhgcleanser aveneingredients

You’d better make it this cleanser, ladies and gentlemen this is my new HG cleanser. First, a little back story. A few months ago whilst perusing City Pharma in Paris with my sister in tow, she picked up this bright blue Avene bottle and said “ooh this looks good”. I looked at it and thought “hmm, the colour scares me, it says it’s for blemish prone skin so it must be too harsh (even though I have blemish prone skin ahem) and I prefer balms to gel”. And that was that, Lily bought the cleanser and proceeded to rave about it, and her skin definitely seemed to look better (not that it was bad before).

But I still felt like a clever clogs using richer cleansers and put it out of my mind. Last week my gorgeous cousin Habiba and I were at a friends wedding when I asked her what she was using for her skin (as it was looking flawless) and she said “Oh I’m using this Avene blue cleanser, it’s amazing, totally regulates oil and smells really good”. Hmm, ok maybe I needed to see what all the fuss was about. Off to Boots I went (where I payed almost double of what my sister did in City Pharma – sigh) and purchased this little blue bottle. I couldn’t wait to try it, first thing I noticed was the smell, it really does smell like French soapy perfume which can be off putting but I actually love it as it is the signature Avene scent. I applied it to a dry face in the morning and then emulsified with water until it slightly foamed (only minimally though) before rinsing off with cool water. My skin felt really smooth and clean after using without any tightness, seeing as I have both blemish prone, oily and dehydrated skin I was really skeptical as to whether this would work for me, and I was especially worried it would break me out further. Luckily (or not) I had a few hormonal sore spots arise around my jawline the night before I tried the product, and after just a few uses the bumps have disappeared without the need for clay masks or acidic toners.

I’d recommend this one for oily and blemish prone gals and warn anyone with drier skin types to stay clear – or to use a super hydrating serum after use like Hydraluron. I would like to emphasise though that this cleanser does not leave an uncomfortable tightness at all for me – score!

My skin as a whole has been less oily, feels smoother and more even and any blemishes that do arise are instantly banished. Now, I’m only using this in the mornings at the moment, but seeing as it is performing so well I might start using it in the evenings as well with a hot flannel. I’m so excited to have found such an effective and reasonably priced  skincare saviour, especially in the run up to my wedding!



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