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If someone ever told me that one day I would put up a photograph of my feet on the internet I would have laughed in their face and then whispered solemnly “never”. Because I hate my feet – especially my toes. They are 95% of the time ungroomed except for when I go for my annual pedicure just before my Summer holidays – other than that, I tend to them myself on the odd occasion (I obvs always trim them etc) and occasionally change the polish, but I have been guilty of leaving the same toe polish on for nearly 6 months *ewwww*. So when I realised that I’d be breaking out my trotters for a cocktail party last night I had to get to work on an emergency DIY job. Out came the nail clippers and file and after I’d given them a nice soak I got to serious work with just 15 minutes on the clock!

Now I know they don’t look 100%, but for tottering around in some heels (olive green Zara FYI) . I absolutely LOVE this Nails inc Gel Effect in Kensington Palace for a pop of colour – it’s such a lovely thick texture that it makes my toenails look so much better than they actually are. A good layer of Seche Vite later and voila the quickie pedicure to keep me going until I actually have to go and let a poor beautician tend to my poor excuse for feet! Soz.





  1. S
    April 25, 2014 / 8:29 am

    This made me laugh 🙂 Your toes are fine, mine resemble Stonehenge, but they get me around so it’s OK.

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