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Some may call Paris the most romantic city in the world, and although Paris will always hold an extremely special place in my heart, I think that Venice just beats it in the romance stakes.

Having just spent a few days there, I feel like my husband and I managed to navigate between super touristy spots, cultural and hidden away super chic places – the mixture was just right thanks to various friends giving us their tips and tricks for how to “do” Venice. So I thought it would only be fair to share them on here!

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Where to Stay: 

The Belmond Cipriani Hotel (referred to simply as The Chip) may seem like the chicest spot on planet earth, however it’s slightly apart from the city centre as it’s on the island of Giudecca. It’s a beautiful setting, and it’s a place that I one day dream to stay at for a weekend, however for us we wanted to be right slap bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle without having to hop on a boat (although, as I mentioned, if I were to ever go back just for one or two nights and didn’t feel the need to see all the sites, then I’d love to recline in splendour there). We were lucky enough to be welcomed by the Hotel Danieli which is right in the middle of all the action and has been made famous by being the location for films such as The Tourist and Casino Royale (amongst numerous others!). The historic setting and building adds to the Venetian feeling, if Venice were the adult Disneyland then The Danieli is the pink castle hotel!

Danieli here


What to see: 

We had four full days and nights in Venice, and we ensured that we had a list of things that we wanted to see and do. A few things that I’d say you had to do would be:

Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Dali, Picasso, Ernst – it’s mesmerising and nearly moved me to tears. I’m currently reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, and the era of Picasso et all feels particularly poignant and really moved me.

Doges Palace AFTER LUNCH. Sorry for the caps locks, but it had to be done. The Doges Palace is a must see on a trip to Venice but the queues can be frightful. For some reason all the tourists want to go in the morning, and come 3pm there are only a handful in a meagre queue. Our wait time was under 5 minutes and we spent a good hour and a half enjoying the palace – it was spectacular and rich with history.

Go to the top of the bell tower in St Marks Square for a panoramic view like no other – it truly is breathtaking to see the city from a panoramic height, and if you’re there when the bell towers chime you’re in for one of the most exhilarating experiences!

Gondola ride – no trip to Venice would be complete sans gondola ride. Yes they’re cheesier than a four cheese pizza, but they are so much fun, and super romantic. Choose the sunniest day for your trip!



Where to eat:

This is my favourite part of visiting anywhere in Italy. The food! Cue 1m heart eyed emojis! The Italians know their stuff when it comes to the kitchen and every single meal we had in Venice was outstanding. Here are a handful of places that you absolutely can’t go to Venice without going to!

Antiche Carampane here this restaurant featured in the recent Rick Stein in Venice BBC episode where he tried the most insane looking seafood spaghetti I’d ever seen – made with special sea food stock and a touch of curry powder, I just knew I had to try it for myself. Our hotel also recommended it, we opted to have a late lunch after a leisurely stroll (around an hour and a half of walking) – the food was out of this world amazing and the service couldn’t have been more hospitable. This is a non negotiable must visit.

Oro Cipriani If you are in Venice to celebrate – be it just engaged, honeymooning or simply with the love of your life and wanting to indulge then look no further than the most spectacular spectacular dining experience. You go by shuttle boat from the main town to the beautiful island of Giudecca (it’s around a 7 minute journey) and are met by the splendour of the Cipriani hotel. We were blown away with our meal – the food, the service, the stunning setting, it felt so cosy, yet glamorous and utterly romantic. It was by far one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had and felt like a truly indulgent and incredible experience. This is one for the wow factor.

Riviera Post here Guggenheim we sauntered over to lunch at a very highly rated tripadvisor restaurant – the Riviera situated in Dorsoduro (10-15 minute walk from Guggenheim) was unbelievable. The owner of the restaurant came to personally thank us for choosing his restaurant and it made the whole experience feel so homely and heart warming. We dined on salt crust cooked sea bass that melted in our mouths. The meal was stunning and with the exquisite setting of the grand canal we felt like we were in a movie.

Corte Sconta here If you want to go somewhere with no frills but are after some of the best quintessentially Venetian cuisine around then please look no further than Corte Sconta. You have to try the steamed crab to start and opt for their Gnocchi of the day as a main – you will not be disappointed. This place was so delicious that we tried to go back a second time but sadly they were full. Honestly, this place is not be missed. It was recommended by a good friend and we were thrilled that it was, a true gem that is heaving with people – not an empty table in the whole place. Make sure to book in advance, and try and come as hungry as possible!
What to avoid:

Harry’s bar/Cafe Florian. Yes they may be the most famous spots in Venice but they are also serious tourist traps, a cup of hot chocolate and bottle of water at Florian set us back 30 euros (we were charged a sneaky 12 euros just for being there whilst there was some live music on). If you want to relish in the beauty of St Marks Square though opt for a coffee (hot chocolates are a staggering 10 euros) and enjoy the surroundings. We didn’t even bother going to Harry’s Bar, the drinks are beyond overpriced and the crowd was seriously touristy, the waiters also looked incredibly bored in there. I think it is due a serious refurb and some good TLC! However if you want to spend 20 euros on a bellini in the home where it was made then it could be fun, just as long as you know not expect extensive levels of chicness.


What to wear:

It is a well known fact that the in between seasons are the best to visit Venice – September/October/early Nov, March/April/May. This is because in the Winter it can become a tad creepy and sad and in the Summer the lagoons can be a bit smelly. If you are visiting in Winter or Summer I’m sure it will still be amazing – but for the in betweener like me, I’d opt for a great and comfy pair of skinny jeans, thin layers – vests, long sleeved tops, cardigans and a light but warm coat and a good pair of walking shoes – there are no cars in Venice so a lot of walking is required! It’s fun to saunter around and get a bit lost and then hop on the water bus back to your base. A camera, cross body bag, lip balm and big pair of sunnies are all necessities too to ensure you have the most comfortable time!

I hope you find my tips and tricks handy if you are planning a trip soon. Venice is like a fairy tale brought to life and I think everyone should visit at least once in their lives – you have to see it to believe it!





  1. MartaFons
    March 27, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    Thank you for this Tijan! I’ve been wanting to visit Venice for many years now, but never seem to find the appropriate time! Like you said, it’s best to visit in between seasons. I will definitely take notes on all the recommendations you give, all your pictures look lovely with the bright sun and the gorgeous scenery, the perfect memory for a great trip 🙂 x

  2. Kat
    March 28, 2016 / 7:36 pm

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! Your trip looked amazing!!!!!

  3. May 2, 2016 / 7:11 pm

    Loving these photos so much!! I’m so jealous of your fur vest, so cute.

  4. Chloe
    July 27, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    hey tijan! am going to LA next week and really love these short guides you are doing whenever you travel. Was wondering when / if your LA guide has gone up yet? loved the vlog!

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