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I very rarely dedicate a whole post to just one brand these days. I’ve found that it takes a lot to impress me on the beauty front these days. Whilst a lot of readers can complain about bloggers being sent a lot of product for free and argue that it makes the reviews biased, I argue that it actually makes them even more reliable. It takes a lot for me even try a product as my pile is so high, and then from that point if I like it I’ll where it for a few days (longer obviously with skincare) and if it finds itself into my daily routine then it passes all the tests and makes it’s way onto here!

So, allow me to introduce you to three Dior Backstage Pros products (and one fragrance) that have been used daily since I received. Let’s start with the first product that I love so much that I’m already planning to buy it as upcoming birthday gifts for all my Spring baby friends and family. Introducing Nail Glow. Now if you follow me on Snapchat (username: tijanserena) and Twitter (ditto) you’ll have seen me wax lyrical. This stuff just rocks. Why? Well, it’s essentially a clear varnish but oh so much more, it makes your nails look healthier, the beds pinker and the tips whiter – the packaging calls it a “French Manicure” effect, minus the tacky factor. I can imagine Kate Middleton using it non stop or any other girl who loves that groomed and polished look. It takes 5 minutes to apply, no base or top coat required. My nails and hands look healthier and chicer in an instant and I already plan in redoing them in a fresh two coats before I head on my Easter break to Venice next week!

Now onto Fix It a 2-In-1 Prime & conceal for face – eyes – lips the packaging reads. I was incredibly skeptical about this product as I think anything with bold claims never truly stands up. Especially not 2-1 products. However, a few swipes of this around my face and it was nearly as good as a face of foundation. It left my flaws concealed without even a hint of cakiness and even though the formula wasn’t as heavy as my Estee Lauder double wear the priming function in the middle ensured that it literally stuck to my skin and didn’t slide off at all despite not using any powder on top. I love how hygenic it is that you can literally just swipe and go (just make sure to wipe over after each use if you suffer from acne). This is ideal for a working girl, new mother or just anyone wanting a quick, natural but full coverage concealer to liven the skin.

Last but not least is the Dior Lip Maximiser. This product…where do I even start!? Whilst this will not give you Kylie Jenner lips overnight, it does give the illusion of fuller lips and tingles nicely to make you feel like it’s really doing something – know what I mean? I like to wear it solo for a clean pouty effect or in the centre of my mouth with my usual three lip liners and liquid lipstick combo to make my lips look XXL. This nourishes the lips at the same time as plumping and as it wears off feels like a really good quality balm.

Now the last but not least (not in the Backstage Pros category) is a fragrance I didn’t expect to love quite so much. The newly released Poison Girl aimed at millennials which I presumed would be too girly and sweet for me is a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of Flower Bomb for the Snapchat generation – slightly sexier and muskier. It’s fresh enough to wear in the day time but also sultry enough for the evening. If you have a teenager’s birthday coming up I promise you this wont disappoint as a gift, but whilst you’re there I’d also seriously consider getting yourself a bottle too – even if you’re technically in the X Factors over category!





  1. Gaya
    March 21, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    Hi Tijan! The Dior “glow” range has always been on my wishlist and particularly the lip balm and nail polish. Dior were the first, I think, to create such an innovative shade of polish. Now there are lots of dupe. I have tried the sephora version (universal beautifier) and it’s brilliant and at a fraction of the price. Knowing that polishes thicken and dry out quite quickly I am glad I have found an alternative. 🙂

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