Goodbye frizz and static..

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Autumn and Winter are without a doubt my favourite seasons (well that is until around early January when I just wish it would hurry up and be June already!) but the one part which gets me quite grumpy every year is the way my hair reacts to all of the scarfs, coats, snoods etc and goes super static.It drives me insane! I’ve been on the hunt for a product which can combat my chronic hair static syndrome and think I’ve finally come up with something rather good. Moroccan Oil isn’t something that I bought it into when it was first launched in salons, however when I was recently invited to try a bottle of the Frizz Control* I discovered that it’s actually rather good!

I hate the idea of putting anything that says ‘oil’ on my tresses pre blow dry, I do enough damage to my hair as is without willingly frying it, however I’ll always put a little bit in after to seal in some shine, give it some glossy movement and of course make it smell yummy. Whilst this product doesn’t do much in terms of shine or beautiful fragrance, it does deliver the goods- a tame mane.

Whether you have unruly hair that just wont behave after being freshly washed, or (like me) have hair so fine and silky that it loves nothing more than breaking free into any and every direction the second you get inside after a Winter’s outing. I find this product works best for me pumped into the palm of my hands, rubbed together and then patted very gently onto the crown, before blending out to the lengths. Hair is sealed by a magical wall and literally does not budge no matter how many scarfs or snoods you throw at it- take that Winter hair!


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