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I’ve found a product that has gives me instant results, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin,  brightens and lightens my old acne scars and hyper-pigmentation as well as exfoliating and clarifying and leaving my skin looking as though I’ve just had a lovely facial in my sleep.

I’m finding it difficult to tell you exactly what this product does, because it seems to do it all. It can be used as a serum both AM and PM and for an extra treat, you can apply a thick layer as a mask. I’ve only been using it as a serum in the evening however.

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes was introduced to me by a lovely Space NK assistant when I went in asking about brightening treatments for my old spot scars. I was initially skeptical and worried it would be too harsh for my notoriously troublesome and capricious skin so I used the smallest amount for the first two nights and instantly saw a more even, plumper and brighter complexion. With a lactic acid base and ingredients such as licorice to reduce hyper-pigmentation and lemongrass to boost circulation and therefore give an instant radiance, this product has almost instantly been put on my HG product list. Not only has it brightened my skin and reduced blemishes, but it has also significantly reduced redness around my nostrils, which I sometimes wake up to.

Dark marks have been brought down already and I’ve only been using it for 10 days. I’d highly recommend grabbing a sample of this product to give a go first because it isn’t exactly cheap, however with such gorgeous and instant results, for me at least, the price tag is totally worth it. It does indeed, make me look as though I’ve got good skin genes (which rather annoyingly I should have as my mother has always had a blemish free and flawless complexion!).





  1. April 10, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    I’ve uhmmed and ahhed over this on the space nk website so many times! It’s just so pricey. But the results sound amazing. Think I might have to bite the bullet and just try it soon! xx

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