Zit Zapping


Come on, we’ve all been there. Had one too many bad nights sleep or eaten a packet too many of mini eggs, or maybe it’s just that time of the month, whatever the cause – we’ve all had sore spots in unfortunate places. For me it’s right in the centre of my forehead, which makes me feel like whenever anyone is looking or speaking to me that they must be staring at it. Here’s my 3 top tips for zapping those away, and zapping them fast!

1 – Continual Reapplication of a spot gel or treatment will bring it down much faster. I keep the Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel in my hand and reapply it constantly throughout the day. For the first bit when the spot is still big and sore I’ll reapply every half an hour, once I can see that it is visibly drying up and retreating I then only apply every other hour. The spot should be 1/4 of the size the following day and much easier to deal with, carry on applying miniscule amounts of the spot gel every two or three hours and come the following morning i.e day three of spot, it should be totally non existent!

2. Water water water Drinking copious amounts of water help flush out the toxins, and therefore helps make skin appear more glowing, therefore minimizing the chances of future breakouts. Forward thinking 😉

4. Clay To really help speed up the process pop on a clay mask post shower whilst you’re having breakfast to de clog the pores and really dry up the offending the blemish. This can be done just on the targeted area or all over for a deep cleanse and pamper. I love the Skinceuticals Clay Masque.

BONUS TIP!!! If you REALLY want amazing skin quickly, or if you have multiple blemishes, then my solution would be to totally cut out dairy and sugar for a few days. If you can’t cut sugar out then try and cut it down, for example, if you’re going to have toast and jam for breakfast, have some nuts and raw carrots as a mid afternoon snack instead of a slice of cake. It really is the most effective way at making skin gorgeous quickly!



  1. April 9, 2014 / 2:37 pm

    I have one at the moment and I have an intervieew tomorrow! Arkkk! I also drink lots of water, I did a clay mask yesterday, the Cattier one, so good! I also like to put tea trea oil on it in the day time and during the night the old toothpaste trick!

  2. Laura
    April 9, 2014 / 8:16 pm

    Please link your blog to bloglovin so it’s easy to follow! Love it 🙂

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