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I try less and less products these days. As I’m making my blog more and more personal and fashion/lifestyle focussed I’ve moved away from churning out reviews of products, and therefore have less time to trial a million different types of eye cream, blushers or mascaras. However, that doesn’t mean that my inner beauty junkie has withered away – it means that I’m more picky than ever with what I not only review but then actually dedicate space to on here.

When a product gives instant results, has a cult following and actually makes me go “wow” then I know that I have to share it with you. Last week I trialled the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, a product that I’ve been dying to try since I first heard mutterings that it was what Charlotte used on Amal Clooney before doing her bridal makeup, I think we can all agree that Amal’s skin is stunning so my interest was piqued. Fast forward 7 months later and I finally gave it a go and was not disappointed. It’s not your average clay mask, actually it’s quite the opposite. Whilst most of my clay masks bring imperfections forward leaving me red faced and “purged”, Charlotte’s one does the entire opposite. The mask is designed to use pre-event, so it instantly reduces the size of pored, plumps up and hydrates the complexion as well as drying up any lurking blemishes and soothing redness. The scent is just heavenly and it didn’t feel uncomfortably tight on my skin and the results were incredible. I used it after a particularly bad skin week and it instantly perked up and smoothed my complexion, putting on makeup my skin felt as though I’d just had a facial – so. soft.

I know I’m waxing lyrical but this mask really is the bomb.com and I know it’s going to be part of my weekly beauty routing from now on. Over and out.



  1. April 12, 2015 / 11:23 am

    This sounds lovely, I don’t always want a red face after using a face mask!

    Ella xx

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