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Gone are the days of super gloopy, sticky and sparkly glosses that used to act like a magnet to your hair, thus leaving your face splattered with the goo. No, these days lipglosses are a far more modern affair and even glossphobes can find something to suit them. Here are my top picks of glosses that cover all bases – from the lip plumping glossy glosses, to the matt glosses (yes – that’s a thing now!)…

L’Oreal Glam Matte I spoke about this a few weeks ago here. They are pretty amazing, more like a stain/balm hybrid than a gloss, but still with that polished finish. The colour lasts for hours, there’s absolutely zero stick and your lips feel comfortable and hydrated despite the matte finish. I’d recommend these for day time use, but because they’re not a true gloss I have to give them a slightly lower rating. Rating –  5/10

Smashbox Gloss This is an extremely pigmented lip gloss, even after the initial glossiness has worn down (around an hour), the colour remains like a tattoo. This is the one to turn to for a night out. Rating – 7/10

Burberry Lip Glow This is incredible – seriously nourishing and hydrating, and almost acts as a refresher to drying lipstick formulas. It leaves lips looking beautifully plumped up, however the glossiness doesn’t last that long. Rating 6/10

Maybelline Colour Sensational Gloss Now this formula rocks, they have a touch of shimmer running throughout, but the formula isn’t too sticky and they leave lips looking seriously slick and polished. They’re also a bargain and taste good too! These have to be the winner with a firm 8/10

What’s your favourite gloss at the moment?



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