Evening Essentials



My evening wind down routine is something that I look forward to every evening – whether I start it at 8pm or past midnight – I always take time to do my evening skincare and wind down properly before bed so that I feel ready and settled. I can’t even enjoy evening TV if I know I have a pile of grime and makeup on my face!

Before I start my evening routine, I always pop on a hair band to ensure that my hair a) doesn’t get in the way and b) get greasy by any of the products. Forever 21 do the best in my opinion for under £4.00, and they all have cute funky patterns on.

My evening essentials always include a cleansing oil to ensure that all my makeup is removed, the one that I’ve been loving for the last few months in particular is the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil as it truly is the bomb at breaking down every last scrap of makeup and ensuring that when I swipe my skin over with a cotton pad full of toner it comes off totally clean with not a hint of leftover makeup or dirt in sight. However, if I’m feeling a little lazier, I’ll take a DHC Make Off Sheet instead, and I truly believe that these do a brilliant job at cleansing and calming the skin beautifully and taking off all of my makeup. Sometimes I’ll use a wipe first then go in with the oil to ensure everything is well and truly off. 

Next up I spray a toner on, although this step isn’t essential for me, unlike serum, which is a must and I alternate between Effaclar Duo + when my skin is a little ‘meh’ and whitehead populated, and for most evenings I use Sunday Riley Good Genes as I’m totally obsessed, and it’s basically amazingly good skin in a bottle. I like to finish everything off with a hydrating moisturiser or oil as my skin is incredibly dehydrated. New to my stocks is this Nude Pro Genius Oil which I haven’t tried yet but plan on breaking out later this evening. Balance Me Radiance Oil is beautiful for combination skinned and breakout prone girls, and for night to night I love using the Bioderma Hydrabio Riche moisturiser.

I then like to pop on a thick layer of lip balm, and my favourite ever is the Nuxe Reve De Miel followed by some hand cream and at the moment I’m finding the Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod to be an absolute dream at keeping my mitts nourished. I then like to unwind with some kindle reading time to deter me from checking instagram and twitter a gazillion times. I’m about to start reading Looking for Alaska and I can’t wait!

What are your evening essentials?



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