Garnier Miracle Skin BB Cream- The Review


Summer is well and truly here as the UK is still in the grips of temperatures of up to 32 degrees. Whilst I’ve been in Italy for the last week I was around the beginning of the heatwave and found that my usual tinted moisturiser felt too pale, my foundation too heavy and I wanted the minimal amount of products on my skin as possible. I had planned on buying Laure Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer to fill the gap in my ‘sweaty running around cities’  makeup wardrobe when I went into Boots to buy minis for my holiday (I love me some minis) and stumbled across Garnier’s BB cream. I had used a Garnier BB cream before, around two years ago when they first came out, and didn’t think much of it- the colouring was too orangey and the consistency felt too silicone based. However I noticed that they’d revamped the original BB cream and released a few new additions to cater for different skin types. My eyes fell upon the one for oily to combination skin which boasted SPF20. As I’d come out sans maquillage in order to try out the Laura Mercier product, I was able to try it on properly in Boots and fell in love. It evened out my complexion (the odd blemish and a few dark pigmentation spots but overall good) and gave me a lovely matte glow which was not in the slightest bit shiny. My t-zone was shine free and my skin felt as though it could breathe. I’ve been wearing it every day for a week now (the only base I packed for my holiday) and still adore it, a small layer lasts around five hours before touch ups are needed and the t-zone stays mattified. The texture is quite runny which gives it a weightless feel on the skin but it can be a little messy, there are only currently two shades to choose from; light and medium, and medium suits me perfectly. For under £10 this is a truly excellent buy for the summer months to give your skin a little breathing space whilst also (it claims) blurring imperfections and treating the cause of blemishes, whilst I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet I’ll keep you posted!



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