Detox Time!




It’s 2014 which means that I am walking down the aisle THIS YEAR. I’m so excited, but I’m on a bit of a mission to get super toned/perfect flawless skin in time for the wedding. I have a little time but this is how I’ll be starting.

Pilates classes will be a twice weekly occurrence in 2014, as will be at home exercising. I love the this Victoria’s Secret Workout for getting toned without needing to leave the house in these cold and dingy January mornings. I’ll obviously be doing said pilates and workouts in my brand new Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants and bright orange t shirt along with my Stella McCartney Adidas trainers – please say I’m not the only one who gets exercise motivation from new workout gear?

In terms of my skin, as I can’t completely cut coffee out I’ve started an alternate day switch up thing which is already working. For example Monday I may have a latte and a croissant, but Tuesday I’ll have gluten free porridge and a green tea for breakfast – this Matcha Green Tea is pretty epic in terms of keeping the immune system in tip top condition as well as giving bagfuls of energy. On the naughty mornings I’ll be adding an antioxidant boost with good old blueberries – something about a few blueberries and lots of water that does wonders for my complexion.

So there you have it – no crazy expectations, just a little more moderation and some toning to get me in the best possible shape for my wedding, and life in general. Check back next month where I’ll be posting more detox and health tips!



  1. Amna
    January 1, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    Hi there.
    I am a huge fan,of your blog 🙂
    After completin ng an aloe,vera detox myself, I actually now well them as I,loved it so much. I would highly recommend aloe vera juice for your skin and detoxing x

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