A Good Soak



If there’s one thing that I wish I did more often – it’s have a long, scorching hot bath. Baths have always been a favourite of mine, whether it’s because I’ve grown up seeing my mum always start her evening getting ready preparation with one, or whether just because nothing quite warms me up and relaxes me as well as a good old soak – they just work for me.

I had an incredibly lazy day yesterday and at around 5:30/6pm I decided to run myself an indulgent bath, I gathered some magazines which I’d failed to read cover to cover and my kindle for good measure, lit my brand new Diptyque Baies candle and used some divine Sanctuary products- the foaming bath soak has the most incredible and strong fragrance which filled the bathroom immediately. Not to mention the body wash which is a mix of an exfoliant, oil and milk all in one – pure indulgence. I love Sanctuary products, they’re the perfect mix of luxury yet affordable, meaning that you don’t get that awful guilt trip on glugging a few too many drops into a bath that you know will later be washed down the plug hole.

I’m going to start making baths a more regular occurrence, whether it be prep for getting ready to go on a night out, or simply a mid week indulgent warm up with a good book and a lovely candle. What are your favourite bath products?



Tijan xx


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