Day trip to Paris- What’s in my handbag?

By the time you read this I’ll most probably be just arriving in Paris for a full on day (I’m waking up at 5:30am!) of cafe au lait drinking, macaroon eating, Maje/Sandro/Zadig and City Pharma shopping and general fun girly times with my mum and sister.

We try and go at least once a year just for the day to get our Paris fix so we’ve got our day trips down- we know where we like to have lunch, we know how to do a lap of Colette in under half an hour and where to find the best French pharmacy deals..however a long day requires a roomy handbag full of necessities.

Lipsticks and face powder are the most important items of makeup- a nude, a red and a bright coral are perfect so that you can change up a look as and when you feel like it, I find going for a flash of red towards the evening (our train home isn’t until 9pm) is lovely for a pre-train drink as it really jazzes (I hate that I just said jazzes) up a daytime look. Powder is also perfect for setting makeup for a long day and ensuring my t-zone stays shine free, I’ll be reapplying Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow throughout the day to ensure my makeup stays looking fresh and in place.  A pair of sunglasses, hat and scarf are all a must as the weather can be temperamental and sometimes no matter how long I’ve spent washing/blow drying/tonging my hair you just need a good hat to cover it all up towards the end of the day, plus it adds a touch of glamour.


A small lightweight purse is also a must- no need to weigh down your handbag with a heavy wallet, this little Marc Jacobs one is ideal for a few folded up euros and a credit card.


Handcreams are a must as having moisturised hands is a real home comfort and something that makes you feel a little more together on a long day out. This Vaseline 2 in 1 is perfect as it also an anti-bacterial solution as well as a cream. Dry conditioner is also handy for if my hair is looking a little dry and lacklustre after walking through the windy streets of Paris- a few sprays of this on the ends and they look as good as new! I’m also taking my favourite statement necklace from Zara to maybe put on whilst at lunch at L’Avenue to up the glamour. My Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in On and On the Bronze will be firmly placed on my lids to create a taupe-y neutral yet shimmery finish which instantly make sleepy eyes a little more awake and it wont budge throughout the long day- score. One item I forgot to photograph is my tangle teezer which will definitely be coming with me! Nothing beats it for getting out those pesky knots and I’ll be refreshing my hair throughout the day to ensure it looks sleek and glossy. My little Bottega Venetta makeup bag will be coming with me solely for lipsticks and my Victoria’s Secret slightly larger makeup will be coming filled with my essentials such as my face powder, La Mer concealer, Elemis fresh skin mattifying face cream and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum so that I can do my makeup on the train. A miniature perfume such as this Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease is perfect for spritzing on throughout the day to freshen up- a full sized bottle would only weigh me down and I only need a few sprays as it’s a long lasting and strong scent.


My Celine tote is perfect as it looks glamorous, is a gorgeous Spring colour but is both sturdy and roomy enough for all of my necessities!

À bientôt!

Tijan xxx


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