Day Trip Essentials


I’m off to Paris for the day tomorrow – a trip that I do around 2 to 4 times a year. A quick burst of Parisienne life, food and culture, usually with my mother and sister.

Planning for a full day with no base to call home is rather tough, but I like to think that I have it down now. The number 1 essential to remember is comfortable footwear – in the Winter I wear sturdy boots, and in the Spring and Summer I opt for converse or comfy sandals. My Forever 21 pair that I bought back in June are still the comfiest pair I own.

Having an outfit that makes you feel nice enough to be in nice restaurants and shops in Paris, but also keeps you warm enough in the chilly early morning hours en route to Kings Cross is also vital. I like to opt for skinny jeans, a vest and a little jacket and I throw in a shawl/scarf in my bag (usually my Celine as it’s the perfect size). However, for tomorrow’s trip I’m debating wearing a dress so stay tuned on that one!

Long lasting makeup is also key. I tend to do my makeup on the Eurostar once we’re through to the French side. I find that way my skin and eyes have had a chance to wake up a little and the makeup lasts much better throughout the day. A long lasting but light foundation is essential, and I love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or my new found absolute LOVE – MAC Studio Sculpt. Both melt into the skin leaving a flawless finish. I keep eyes simple with a wash of all over eyeshadow colour like Chanel Fatal, a liquid liner for a French feline flick, lashings of mascara and that’s that. I like to keep my brows neat with the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor.

The last essential for a city day trip is to plan plan plan to make sure you get the most out of your trip. Decide on the areas that you’re going to focus on and really enjoy them, as opposed to rushing all over the place trying to do and see everything. Find one or two cultural activities, for example I love the Rodin museum and obviously the Louvre. My favourite areas for shopping in Paris are Saint Germain and Rue Saint Honore, and Places De Vosges in Le Marais is also stunning and full of quirkier finds.

à bientôt!




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