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One of my favourite daily hacks on busy days running from one meeting to another to an appointment and back again is packing a few tea bags with me in the morning and then heading into Starbucks/Pret/Costa and asking for a cup of hot water – totally free – and in a disposable cup. That way you save being charged £2.00 for a tea bag in a cup of hot water. They also work as fantastic hand warmers on these chilly Spring days when you’re out and about.

I’ve been having a bit of a thing for earrings at the moment and I was over the moon when I picked up these River Island pair over the weekend for just £4.00. I love the effect of back and front earrings – they remind me of Repossi – infinitely chic and glamorous.

As the days are getting longer and longer the call for new sunglasses starts to arise. One of my favourite places to go for a cheap but sturdy pair is Urban Outfitters. For just £16.00 you can pick up a pair that will last you all throughout the Spring and Summer months without breaking (like cheaper High Street alternatives) often do.

What are some of your life hacks that I’m missing out on? Do share!




  1. March 23, 2015 / 8:14 pm

    Such an a good tip, I’m going to try it tomorrow. Hope it works!

    Ella xx

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