Blue Skies & Blossom


If you’re an avid instagram user – as I am (instagram plug!) then you’ll no doubt be aware that nothing signifies the start of Spring quite like a blooming blossom tree and the million and one social media photos of them to go with it. Keeping this in mind Jo Malone have curated their top three blossom and given them a limited edition Spring ready makeover that will make any instagram fanatic drool, there’s Sakura Cherry for the light, sweet and floral fans, Plum for the even sweeter but less floral fanatics and my personal favourite – the zesty and fresh Osmathus, which transports you straight to a French Riviera luxury hotel.

The collection is rather sweetly named Blue Skies & Blossoms which captures the essence of Spring beautifully, even if we are still currently wearing our Winter coats…at least we have a pair of sunglasses in our bags and some blossom to ogle at!

Jo Malone Blue Skies & Blossom Limited Edition bottles available from mid April.



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