Clarins Blue Orchid Oil – The Low Down

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I mentioned last week that I’d picked up the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil for Dehydrated Skin on my last day in London flitting around. I’ve been using it every night for seven days and I feel like I can’t hold in this review any longer.

First let me quickly re cap my skin type – oily  zone, blemish prone yet dehydrated cheeks and over all mid level sensitive. Weirdly the week before the wedding I started getting flakey bits of skin (eww) around my nose and forehead. A sign that my Summer moisturiser – La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra – maybe wasn’t pulling its weight in the newly cooled down Autumnal weather.

I originally bought the Clarins oil to add a drop into my LRP moisturiser to spruce things up, but I actually ended up forgetting to pack this for honeymoon! So that has lead me to using the Blue Orchid (which FYI is comprised of 100% plant extracts and oils) oil nightly, a step that I really relish as the scent is divine and the texture is gorgeous; not too slippy, but also it doesn’t disappear the second you rub it in. I wake up with a dewy, glowing, plump complexion and the dark marks from old spots are faded. I’ve also noticed that any new blemishes also quickly vanish and I’ve not had to use a single bit of spot treatment which is quite miraculous!

Clarins have other oils for different skin complaints, but there’s something about Blue Orchid which is just so multi tasking and miraculous that I’d recommend trying this one first!

FYI – this was a 100% Amelia inspired purchase that has a semi- funny story to go with it which will be in a video where I wax lyrical about this oil yet again soon!




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