Clairol Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam- Medium Brown



About a month ago I wrote this post about how thrilled I was with my darker locks. A quick back story- back in April I made the silly decision to get a full head of balayage aka bleach my whole head of hair a Gisele-esq blonde at Daniel Hersheson Harvey Nichols which I absolutely hated. They corrected it for me with a toner but that soon faded, so at the end of May I went to a different hairdressers who dyed it all over dark, I loved it, however it faded quickly in the Greek heat so I was back to square one! Frustrated with having spent so much time and money in hairdressers and worried that if I went back to my hairdresser the colour would only fade again (I’m off in three weeks for pretty much the rest of the Summer in Italy, France, Spain and Cyprus- hot hot hot, not good for coloured hair!) so I was reluctant to spend any more money. That was when I came across Really Ree’s post on the new Clairol Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam, her result looked fantastic, glossy and sophisticated- exactly what I was after. A quick trip to Boots later, I ended up buying the shade darker than she used (she used Light Golden Brown) as my hair was a lot lighter than hers to begin with, so really wanted something to completely darken it.


It comes in the usual two bottle formula that you mix together to create a weird consistency which reminded me of a can of Diet Coke, you then add a little nozzle and squeeze the bottle to get the foam out. Whilst the foam is a useful idea for those colouring their own hair (I enlisted the help of my sister Lily) it was incredible messy. Literally, foam went everywhere, all over the bathroom/my neck/ears/tracksuit, which I was not impressed with. However, all was forgiven after I (Lily) rinsed out the colour after 25 minutes and put on the glossing conditioning treatment, my hair has never felt more silky or glossy and the colour is absolutely gorgeous- chocolatey and silky, exactly what I wanted.


I’m so pleased I’ve found a cheaper alternative to going and shelling out £70 at the hairdressers every few months, for £6.99 I wont have to bat an eyelid when I have to undoubtedly redo the colour in a few weeks time, I’m over the moon!


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