Charlotte Tilbury Replacement?


If there’s one lip product that I’ve been obsessing over for the last few months, it’s been the Charlotte Tilbury’s lip cheat in Pillow Talk. It instantly makes lips look fuller and it is the most complementary colour that goes with any and every makeup look. Make no mistake, I’ll definitely be replacing it (it is now smaller than my little finger), but I’m not in an urgent hurry, as I’ve been rediscovering my love for the No 7 lip liners. The shades nude and mellon are quite close to Pillow Talk, and they give long wearing, waxy matte liner goodness. I love how Melon instantly makes me feel more put together and “done” even if I’ve neglected to do any eye makeup.

I also low how they are wind up, so no need to sharpen which makes life a lot easier. The formula isn’t too drying, but then again my lips are well looked after as I nourish them thoroughly each night, if you suffer from chapped lips, probably best to avoid liner all over all together.

There’s room for more than one brand of liner in my stocks, and I love having a cheaper (sharpen free) alternative, but that doesn’t mean that a new CT Pillow Talk wont be on its way to me very soon!




  1. philippa
    February 19, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    I really like the no7 lip liners too ..and I love the twist up packaging! (:

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