Chanel Tweed Sienna




Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season so I’m getting excited to dust off some of my makeup which hasn’t seen any light for the last few months. Burgundy eyeshadows, velvety foundations and one product which I hadn’t realised I’d shelved throughout the Summer months- Chanel blush Tweed Sienna. There’s something about this blush which makes it perfect for early Autumn, flecked with bronze and warm spicy peach tones this adds a hint of colour to either the contours or apples of your cheeks. It both prolongs a Summer glow as well as warms up cheeks to flushed- ideal to match the changing colours of the leaves. The packaging is- as per usual stunning and the clever ‘tweed’ aspect makes it all the more perfect for Autumn…When I first got my hands on this compact back in January I was inundated with compliments (ok my mum and my cousin but still) for the healthy glow it gives, so make the transition from August to September with something a little tan enhancing as well as picking up some burnished tones to match the changing seasons! Who’s excited?


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