Butter London Tramp Stamp


So yesterday I washed my face and put on the teeniest tiniest amount of Collection 2000 concealer, whacked my hair into a Serena Van Der Woodsen esque pony tail (hardcore GG fans will know it well) and flung on some leggings, biker boots, a scarf and a trusty Zara coat and threw myself out the door with my boyfriend who was dragging me on an Autumnal walk. About 2 minutes into the walk I clocked that the ‘nice weather’ was an ulterior motive so that we could walk to Whole Foods so that he could buy cookie ingredients (he’s more of a cookie monster than I) and after a ‘walk and eat’ latte and croissant and with the sun beaming I warmed up to the idea of a slightly longer stroll. However, once in Whole Foods I’m not sure quite how it happened but I ended up in the beauty section, more specifically the Butter London nail section, longingly stroking a few shades. I grabbed a bottle of creamy white Cream Tea which I think will work as a lovely alternative to a nude this Winter and the slightly more punchy and alluring Tramp Stamp– a Dairy Milk chocolate bar of a nail colour with just a hint of a purpley/auburn undertone, and popped them into our shopping basket.

As you can see it applies like an absolute dream, more opaque than most other polishes but with no gloop, and best of all it is free form any nasties. I used a L’Oreal Paris base coat, two coats of Tramp Stamp followed with one coat of Seche Vite for this manicure and my digits are loving it. I can’t believe that this is my first foray into the world of Butter nail polishes…needless to say I think that there are plenty more Whole Foods trips in my near future. For those of you thinking “I don’t ever go to Whole Foods, I don’t live anywhere near one” fear not, because Butter London is also stocked in large Boots! Hurrah, organic, glossy, chip resistant and beautifully coloured nails for all.


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