Body Conscious


I’ve been moisturising daily for as long as I can remember. If I don’t I feel like a lizard – it’s as simple as that. Not moisturising post shower is to me, akin to not brushing your teeth. It’s a non negotiable part of my routine. Over the years I’ve tried numerous body products, but my current stash has me well covered.

For the every day I use Nivea Rich Nourishing lotion for dry skin with almond oil. It smells like a holiday and feels gorgeous on my skin, it sinks in fairly quickly but I would recommend putting a dressing gown on or a tracksuit for around 10 minutes before getting properly dressed to avoid any transfer of grease.

For the days when I’m either working out or just feel a little bleugh I’ve been reaching for the Clarins extra firming body lotion which helps make things feel a little more toned and smooth. It has a light fragrance and it a far thinner consistency to the Nivea so no need for marination time.

For super special days or after a shower/bath before an evening out, nothing makes me feel more pampered than a gorgeous body creme. The Peony & Blush Suede one from Jo Malone is my current favourite. The scent is intoxicatingly gorgeous and it smooths and sinks into the skin with the ease of silk. It feels gorgeous on and the scent lingers for hours. I save this for mornings when I know I have important meetings and I’m headed straight out to a nice dinner or after an evening bath before special evenings out!



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