Berry Cherry Lips



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There’s something about Autumn which just makes me a little more experimental with my makeup. I feel like I can get away with so much more in terms of makeup, there’s no need to pretend to be naturally beautiful with just a hint of bronzer, lipgloss and maybe a touch of mascara- it’s time to well and truly go to town. I’m finding that I’m warming more towards bolder- and sparklier eyes (I totes blame Tati for that) but I’m also loving a bright pop of lip colour in the daytime. Last week I spoke about reds, but this week is something a little more understated and seasonal- the berry cherry. Not quite berry, not quite cherry, a hybrid if you will. I literally stalked Boots for days trying to track down the Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Macaroon. I similarly spent a good 10 days trying to locate the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry. But for damn good reason, the former offsets any Autumn/Winter makeup, it makes skin appear more dewy, eyes pop more vividly and cheekbones look sharper- I know that’s a tall order for a lip butter. There’s something about the depth of the shade which just works. I plan on wearing this to the gym/meetings/events/just around the house for the near fuuture. Next up is the aforementioned Baby Lips- a product which I feel like has had a bad rep in the blogosphere. I personally blame the hype. Having never had particularly high expectations of the glorified lip balms, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shade Cherry gave a hint of colour whilst moisturising my pout. This is the perfect ‘don’t even think about it’ lip choice, again a shade that will offset any and every makeup look whilst also protecting your lips from the harsh winter weather. Now- who else is with me on the berry cherry lip train?


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