Being a Bride to Be


With only just under four months to go until I walk down the aisle, the clock is ticking and this time next year I’ll be a wife. A wholly exciting but ultimately less “sexy” term than a “bride” or a “bride to be”. Being a future bride means that you can focus on your appearance and your overall fitness and health in ways that never seemed relevant before asides from the occasional “OMG I need to stop eating doritos I’m going to Greece in two weeks, crap!” Summer body frenzies. I wanted to pen this post before I get too caught up in pre Wedding madness and just let you guys know what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months and what I’ll continue to do for the remaining 4.

1. Get my Skin Sorted: Post engagement and the first thing I started to fret about was the state of my skin. I had had a series of really quite unpleasant breakouts starting from September last year onwards, I had dallied with the idea of cutting out dairy but once the date for our wedding was set I went full force and cut it out for good. 6 months later and my skin is better than ever, but that’s also due to the every 6-8 week facials I’ve been having with Joanne Evans at Skin Matters. Her extractions are painful but wonderful and I leave with the most glowing and calm complexion  and as I like to refer to it “totally flat” ie. no under the skin milia lumps or bumps. I’ve also been taking supplements from The Advanced Nutrition Programme, mainly Skin Accumax. I’ve found them miraculous when it comes to sorting out hormonal breakouts and so forth. And finally I’ve recently started using Environ (the same products that Joanne uses on me in my facials) and all combined my skin is happier than ever. Hurrah.

2. Get Active: I started going to Psycle in February and have tried to stay strict and go at least once a week and at best three times. It’s an amazing burst of cardio that leaves me feeling really energised and calm and ready to tackily the rest of my day. I love that it has also made me physically stronger and I feel overall trimmer and fitter. I think that having that feeling of exercise before a big event is all about the boost it gives you, whether you actually lose weight or gain any muscle tone is really neither here nor there, it’s about the way you feel.

3. Healthy and Happy Hair: Deciding to revert to a closer shade of hair colour to my natural colour was definitely the correct decision. The darker shade makes my hair look healthy and luscious and looking back at wedding photos in years to come I know I’ll be happy to see a classic colour as opposed to my usual highlighted and slightly ombre look which I’ve sported for four years now. Sticking with darker hair is lower maintenance and I think it’s a little more sophisticated personally.

So there it is – my very “me” focussed 10 months to get everything in tip top condition for the biggest day of my life, where no doubt I’ll cry all day tears of joy and I probably will smudge my makeup, I’ll dance all night and make my hair sweaty but you know what – none of that really matters in comparison to the life journey I’m about to embark on! It sure is fun focussing on the frivolities though whilst I still can 😉




  1. Bella
    June 11, 2014 / 8:01 am

    I love your attitude to all this!! Enjoy it, you are looking rather radiantly happy :).

  2. Lauren
    June 13, 2014 / 7:27 am

    Thank you for doing this post!

    Do you follow any sort of diet/eat clean etc? You have an amazing slim, but fit and healthy looking figure and your hair and skin are amazing, and we all know that beauty starts from the inside out!

    Please do a post on this!

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