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When you work from home for yourself or are freelance sticking to a routine is crucial, losing that routine and a bad few days can turn into an unproductive week which in turn can turn into a lazy and discombobulating month.

Sticking to basic rituals such as waking up and going to bed at the same time daily despite disruptions and sticking to a regimented work schedule is vital in order not to feel like you’re drifting.

I find sometimes that planning out my content in advance doesn’t help, sometimes I simply want to write about something else more pressing on the day – so instead I carve out vague plans about what I’ll film or write about and then use it as a template.

A neat work area is key, I work between my flat that I share with my husband and out of my family’s home. My flat is usually totally quiet in the day, so filming is incredibly easy plus there is a lot of natural light which is amazing, but sometimes I love closing myself off in a room in the knowledge that I have company in the next room. Working from a house full of people (everyone is currently on Summer holidays) may sound like the least productive thing on the planet, but for me I actually end up getting more done, I’m incredibly susceptible to feeling lonely, so having interaction with others is almost like being in an office where I can have lunch/tea breaks with whoever else is around.

In terms of YouTube and filming, it’s definitely something that I struggle with as I’ve found that I’ve personally stopped watching other people’s videos, creating content on a medium that you’ve fallen a little out of love with is a struggle and if I’m boring myself then chances are I’ll be boring my viewers, so that’s why I’ve taken a mini hiatus from filming until I get my mojo back, however today I’ve had lots of exciting content ideas that I want to get down ASAP. Which brings me back to routine and working days – some Mondays I get zilch done and purely focus on my Russian homework (I have classes every Monday evening), but some Sundays I feel so raring to go that I can film and edit up to three videos as well as scheduling blog content – having a routine is important, but not being afraid to mix it up and go with your own bodies mojo/flow is also key.

August is an odd one with blogging and YouTube, Summer content seems redundant but too much Autumnal copy can also feel a little premature, I’m ready for September now, to get back in the groove and to start posting weekly videos once again, so bare with me and let’s get back to work!



  1. Olivia L
    August 23, 2015 / 5:04 pm

    Tijan, I love watching your videos!! Don’t stop please 🙂

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