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Hello…from the other side. It’s the day after my 25th birthday which means I’m officially in my mid twenties. So here I thought I’d jot down 25 things on my 25th birthday (it was meant to go up yesterday but hey it was my birthday and that’s my excuse!).

  1. Take a second to calm down, everything is always worse in your head, breathe slowly and try to be still and let thoughts flow. This is easier said than done, but even without funky meditation apps you can find inner calm in stressful moments, believe in yourself and it will come.
  2. When people said in the past that you should only be able to count your closest friends on one had I scoffed, over the years I thought I had super close friends who nearly filled up both hands. However, I’ve now realised that you can have good time friends and bad time friends. Bad time friends will always be there for you, wont judge you, will raise your spirits and you can always count on them no matter how much time passes without speaking. This doesn’t make the good time friends bad people, just be aware that they haven’t got your back as much as you think they do.
  3. Wear what you want to wear not what fashion or anyone else dictates. I’ve always felt guilty for wearing too many neutrals and black and tried over the years to inject pops of colour. Whilst colour can be fun, it’s just not something I’m massively comfortable in (there are of course exceptions). I’m now embracing my neutral and black wardrobe and feel so much more myself.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m notoriously indecisive and get stressed out by having to make small decisions, it’s important to realise that sticking to a decision is part of adulthood – don’t get tempted by FOMO!
  5. Drink lots of water, your body and skin will thank you later.
  6. Wear a thick layer of lip balm every night if you want to wear matte lipsticks and liners all day. Trust me, it works a treat.
  7. Dance as much and as often as you can. My three top dance parties have been either in my car, in my kitchen or at my wedding.
  8. Don’t feel like you have to go out to have fun. Sometimes just knowing who you are and not beating yourself up about it is the best option. I always feel guilty about being a grandma when I know that girls my age should be partying and having fun, but with my slanket, netflix and husband is really the only place I want to be most weekends and that’s ok.
  9. However, also don’t feel like you should stay at home when you want to PARTAY. Letting your hair down should be fun and guilt free, let loose once in a while and YOLO.
  10. Wear SPF always, especially on any old spot scars. Even in the dead of Winter. Trust.
  11. Always book a table at a restaurant online (or via phone if you’re old school like that) or go at 6pm. Ain’t nobody got time for queueing when you’re hungry.
  12. Be kind to all people always, even the ones you hate. It’s the quickest way to diffuse any negative tension and ultimately makes you feel better.
  13. Always give your seat up on the tube for someone who needs it more, even if it’s just someone who looks tired or is carrying a big bag – if you feel well enough to stand then stand!
  14. Read. A lot. Try and read the classics if you can; Catcher in the Rye, Valley of the Dolls, Rebecca and Tender is the Night are all great coming of age style books for anyone wanting to make sense of this weird weird world.
  15. Watch space movies. Just do it, nothing both calms and explodes my mind like a good space movie. If you haven’t seen Interstellar and The Martian then watch them ASAP.
  16. Ditto watch comfort movies when you need TLC, Father of the Bride, Clueless, Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany’s always put a smile on my face.
  17. A phone works both ways. Remember that! If a friend hasn’t called you in a while then call them!
  18. Learn something new. Exercising your brain by learning a new skill or language is an amazing thing to do! Even if it’s just assembling some DIY furniture, the sense of achievement is a real thrill.
  19. If you have boring tasks to do then break them down into small steps, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be surprised by just how easy they are.
  20. Never go to sleep on an argument. Ever. Especially not the night before Halloween…because then you’ll be really tired on Halloween and wont even have the energy to spookily open the door to trick or treaters. Learn from my mistakes!!!
  21. Moisturise daily as soon as you get out of the shower, your skin will thank you for it.
  22. Let the people you love the most know how much you love them. That doesn’t mean saying “love you bye”. Please never say “love you bye”, it’s my pet peeve. Show them like you mean it.
  23. Treasure time and life, don’t wish it away. Trust.
  24. Find a workout that makes you feel good after, a workout that you hate is pointless as you’ll dread it. Working out should be a fun release.
  25. Finally….don’t take yourself too seriously. There will always be haters, and maybe that’s a good thing! They keep you in check! Don’t let the nastiness get you down, stay positive and good vibes will come to you!


  1. trina
    January 27, 2016 / 11:27 am

    Two movies I have to tell you to watch are with my favorite actress Natalie Wood. Brainstorm and Splendor in the Grass. They are both old movies, especially Splendor in the Grass, it was Warren Beatty’s very first movie. It is heartbreaking but shows thru pain and life, you can rise above anything. Both will make you cry.
    I am in total agreement about friends. I have found that there is richness in the quality of your friends instead of the quanity of friends you have. I can count on one hand my friends, some of them, I rarely see as we are scattered all over the world, but if I need them or vice versa, it’s all good, After all, planes go everywhere! I cherish them along with what little family I have left. Life does spin on a dime and don’t think it can’t happen toyour family, it can, so yes, love love love. My parents and my only sibling are all gone. I keep a gratitude journal. Even if you feel silly for writing down somewhat trivial things like I am grateful there is food in my fridge, write it down. You would be surprised how it makes you feel. Little trivial dumb things fall to the wayside. It changes your attitude about everything.

  2. Gaya
    January 27, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Loved this list Tijan and happy belated birthday! XX

  3. Sam
    February 1, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    Happy belated birthday!!

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