Whirlwind Trip To Paris

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On our way back from the South of France we decided to head to Paris for the night. Paris in August is an odd one, nearly all of the locals decamp to the beach and what’s left is an overwhelming tourist increase. The shops are mostly empty but the museum queues are unlike anything else, and the most common language you’ll here in any restaurant will be English.

But this weird mix of ghost town/disneyland levels of tourists is actually rather nice (albeit for a short stay). We had dinner at my favourite Cafe Marly by the Louvre, I’ve been coming to Cafe Marly for as long as I can remember, though the food is overpriced the view is unparalleled, you truly feel like your’e in Paris. I always let my mind wander and fantasise about being a real life Sophie Neveu whenever I’m there.

On our first day I wore this little black shift dress from Zara – it feels so minimalist 90s but still girly and Parisian. I paired it with my Dior shades, tan leather flat sandals and my Chanel Le Boy bag. The weather was beautifully warm so no jacket was required!



  1. nueyork
    August 14, 2015 / 12:19 pm

    What a lovely look and definitely very Parisian! I am going to Paris next week, so it’s interesting to hear how tourist heavy it is at the moment! x


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