Wen- Cleansing Conditioner



So yesterday I tried something a little different, instead of my regular shampoo and condition I just used conditioner…even on my roots. I know I know, an oily haired gal like myself really should never consider putting conditioner anywhere north of the mid lengths, however, this is a conditioner with a twist. Wen by celebrity hair stylist and colourist Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner* infused with sweet almond mint is sulphate free non lathering do it all product, it’s your hair mask, shampoo  and conditioner and rolled into one (rather delicious smelling) product.It is particularly suited to those with damaged and/or coloured hair to retain shine, colour and moisture as well as cleansing and removing grease, dirt and product build up.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical that one product could replace my usual hair routine, however after drying and styling my hair felt incredibly clean, silky to touch, not at all static and voluminous. It actually works! This product is absolutely ideal if you’re going on holiday and want to pack lightly and also to gently wash after exposing your hair to the sea and sun (and curling tongs!) to retain colour and lock in moisture.

To sum up it reduces hair washing time, thoroughly cleanses and removes dirt grease and product build up, leaves hair silky and shiny and all of this without so much of a hint of sulphate…and did I mention that it smells heavenly? Yes?…Well I’ve said it twice!


*PR sample


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