Very Victoria

I find nude lipsticks one of the most exciting parts about beauty – they’re such a simple staple yet everyone has a slightly different preference. When I discovered that not one but two of my beauty idols used Charlotte Tilbury’s Very Victoria matte revolution lipstick I marched straight over to my nearest CT counter and (after sterilising obvs) tried it on over a plethora of liner combos. I swiftly bought and it and have worn it every single day since.

Here’s why – the CT Matte Revolution formula is amazing, it’s feather light unlike other heftier matte lippies, doesn’t cause dry flakey cakey lip syndrome and can be built up to create your desired hue. When worn alone Very Vic is a cool toned brown nude on me – ideal for slicking on with an oversized pair of Celine’s to do a quick Tesco run or to grab a juice, when paired with the pouty MAC Soar or Spice it takes it to the next level – lips are plump and sepia toned – very on trend for the fashion world’s 1970s revival. If it’s good enough for Lily Aldridge and Kim Kardashian…then….I will note that (even though I do not remotely possess either of their incredible looks) I do have similar(ish) undertones in my skin to theirs – a cool olive toned – hence how I realised that Very Vic would work with my skin tone. If you had a fairer complexion it may come up a lot more brown on you, I’d recommend having a good ol’ swatch party before buying!




  1. September 24, 2015 / 11:07 am

    Sadly there is no CT counter here in the North East I will have to wait until I’m in the Capital to try Very Victoria. It’s a lovely shade on you.

    Katie x

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