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So Summer seems to have been and gone here in London. but whilst the temperatures may not be as glorious as they were a few weeks ago I seem to have settled rather comfortably into my new Summer uniform. Firstly I have to talk about these Me+Em jeans, I got them two weeks ago and was secretly hoping for cooler weather so I could wear them. They are the most flattering fit ever – scooping up the bottom and holding in any bloating around the tummy to sculpt the perfect figure, they are cropped a few inches above the ankle in a way that doesn’t shorten the leg, the slight flair also adds to their magical flattering ability – basically I’m obsessed and wear these 5 out of 7 days a week at the moment.

Then up next is my new top from River Island, the light terracotta shade coupled with the statement sleeves yet comfortable slouchy fit drew me in when I spotted it in store on a mannequin. My faithful topshop tan belt and Chloe Mily bag add a more seasonal feel to the look, and then my go-to daytime shoes are these loafers by H&M that just so happen to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I own!

I’m also in love with my Chloe Carlina sunglasses and feel they add to the 70s virbes of the look. I am rinsing this silhouette as much as possible at the moment, so much so that I think I may even need a second pair of the same jeans so I don’t feel to bereft when I eventually have to wash them…

Photos by Lily



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