Two New Evening Rituals

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Having an evening ritual is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. For me it includes turning my phone off, cleansing, moisturising, drinking a glass of water and unwinding with some tv (I’m not talking Made in Chelsea here, I’m talking more like Homeland or Fargo).

Recently two new products have come along to shake up my evening routine and inject a bit of pamper into it. The first is the new Tom Ford Cleansing Purifying Oil (launching in January), it smells like heaven and has virtually zero grease, it’s a smooth lightweight oil that lifts off all makeup and dirt from the skin leaving it silky smooth and nourished. The downside is the price point, for £60.00 I can’t say it’s much better than the Body Shop Chamomile cleansing oil – however the Body Shop one is more oily and goes everywhere, whereas the TF one is a bit more practical and doesn’t make hair and clothing greasy whilst using. The scent of the TF one is also next to none – it’s sublime. However, once I’ve finished it I doubt I’ll be able to justify the price tag, for now however I’ll enjoy the luxury of using it (and how beautiful it looks in my bathroom cabinet).

The next product is one that I’ve heard about for a while but never actually used – to me it always seemed like a gimmick. It’s the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I’ve been using it for around 4 nights now and I can genuinely say that when I do stir or wakeup in the night I don’t fully wake up like I usually would, instead I drift straight back to sleep. It’s a calming mix of lavender camomile that calms the mind. I’d say if you have had trouble sleeping then I’d highly recommend it, I’ve suffered some unbearable nights over the past 3-4 months (I’m talking no more than 40 minutes sleep) and I wish I’d had this on hand to ease my anxiety and help me let go and ease off to sleep. I love the ritual of spraying it on my pillow and sheets as well, it helps get my brain into “bed time” mode.

What are your evening rituals?

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