TREAT for your skin…



It’s one of my favourite days of the year! Yes – Halloween has finally arrived! I have a fun little spooky makeup tutorial coming up on my channel early this afternoon for some last minute inspiration, but whatever look you’re planning for this evening (or this weekend) then I’ll be pretty certain that it involves more makeup than usual? If the answer is yes, then I  have just the remedy for later on this evening (or the early hours of tomorrow, depending on how wild things get!). The answer is the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil. For just £10.00 it smells gorgeous, and feels like silk on your skin. Two pumps all over your face and you’re pretty much done – just massage in and then get a nice fluffy flannel, rinse it in warm – hot water, ring out and then remove all the excess makeup and cleanser. Your skin will feel nourished, calm, and all traces of white face paint/glitter/black eyeliner should be gone! If you’ve gone all out on the makeup front, I’d recommend repeating the process, the oil is so gentle that it wont strip your skin at all.

Thanks Amelia for the rec!

Happy Halloween!



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