Travel Buddies


Living in London I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to neighbouring European cities for the weekend or sometimes even day. I’ve become quite the expert of knowing what to bring along with to ensure that I travel “well”. Travelling, even for short distances can make you feel rather un-glamorous and the food on offer usually doesn’t help. Who else has fallen victim to the pringles craving?

I like to buy a healthy snack to eat on the train – a fruit salad, kale chips or vegetable juice will do and it makes having that steak frites later that much better.

I abhor public bathrooms, especially the ones on transport, so even though I’ll always wash my hands in the loo, I also use my Aesop Rinse Free Hand Sanitizer to rid any excess bacteria.

A good lipstick is 100% necessary and I’m currently loving the creamy matte MAC Kinda Sexy, it’s the perfect nude and makes me feel polished and together when hopping straight off a train and straight to lunch.

The final addition are my current obsession – my new Dior So Real Sunglasses. I’d been eying (no pun intended ;)) them up for a while, but when I finally tried them on I knew I had to have them. Their light weight frame feels so comfortable on and there’s something just so darn cool about them. Pop them on (or any pair of sunnies really), brush your hair with a tangle teezer and you’re good to go!



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