The Makeup Eraser


Waterproof mascara is a b***h to remove, we all know that right? But when it comes to beaches, weddings, general emotional days, sometimes we have to just deal with it. After a week of struggling to remove all of my eye makeup I popped into the Sephora Plage here in St Tropez (how cool is that!?) and picked up their Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover aka the makeup eraser. Not only does it look really cool, smell fresh, but it removes ever last trace of waterproof mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow in one clean swipe, without you having to irritate your eyes by scrubbing.

It’s part oil and part water so it really nourishes you sensitive eye area, and as it’s enriched with olive oil extracts, it also promotes longer and healthier lashes. An all around winner wouldn’t you say? Get thee to Sephora ASAP!



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