The Energy Boost for your Shower


There’s been something going around over the past few weeks – the March chill paired with wanting to wear Spring clothes has caught up with me and I’m starting to feel a little crappy. Day nurse helps, fresh juices help and of course avocados help however the extra little sumthin’ sumthin’ that’s been gearing me up to face the outside world is the This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel. I went to their event at the beginning of the month and was lucky enough to receive the whole range, however as my mum was under the weather at the time I gave her the majority of it to perk her up keeping only the shower gel and lip balm for myself to trial. My mum couldn’t stop raving about the range and how it made her flu-ey symptoms dissipate and really lifted her spirits.

Now seeing as I’m in a similar situation I have to agree with her 100%. There’s something about the fresh scent that uplifts and really does give you an energy boost, the sulphate free formula coats the skin in a silk like gel that feels luxurious on the skin. I instantly feel revitalised and armed with my day nurse, ready to take on the day!



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